Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Policy

Minister: Vesko Drljača

Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Policy

Hamdije Čemerlića 2, Sarajevo
Tel: +387 33 650-685
Fax: +387 33 255-462
web site: www.fmrsp.gov.ba


Minister: Vesko Drljača


Born on 20 January 1961. Elementary and General High School had completed in Zvornik. 

In the period from 1981 until 1985 had pursued the university education, completing the undergraduate study (8-semester program) at the Law School of the University in Sarajevo and earning the degree of a Bachelor of Law. 

Living and working in Sarajevo. 

From February 1987 until April 1996 had been employed in the Republic Ministry of Interior of Bosnia and Herzegovina as civil servant working on the tasks related to administrative second-instance proceedings falling in the scope of the Ministry. 

In the period between 1996 and 1998 had been employed with the Ministry of Justice and General Administration of Bosnia and Herzegovina as the Senior Associate for drafting and interpreting the regulations in the field of citizenship and travel documents. 

From June 1998 until June 2004 as the Senior Associate had been employed with the Ministry of Civilian Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina – Sector of Citizenship and Travel Documents. 

Had continued his career with the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where in the period 2004 – 2006 had held the office of the Head of Department for Coordination and Harmonization of Regulations in the Sector for International Cooperation. 

Since June 2006 had been holding the office of the Secretary of the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency in Bosnia and Herzegovina – FIPA. 

Fluently speaks English. His ethnicity is Serbian.

Organizational Structure

Vesko Drljača 
Telephone: +387 33 661 772
Fax: +387 33 255 462 
E-mail: info@fmrsp.gov.ba

Cabinet of the Minister
Telephone: +387 33 661 772
Fax: +387 33 255 462 

Head of Cabinet, Saida Kastrat
Telephone: +387 33 661 772 
Fax: +387 33 255 462 
E-mail: saida.kastrat@fmrsp.gov.ba

Sector for Legal, Personnel, Economic-Financial and General Issues 
Assistant Minister, Džana Kilić 
Telephone: +387 33 255 436
Fax: +387 33 255 436

Sector for Labor and Employment 
Assistant Minister, Ernis Imamović
Telephone: +387 33 712-340
Fax: +387 33 523-810
E-mail: ernis.imamovic@fmrsp.gov.ba

Sector for Pension and Disability Insurance and Social Insurance
International Agreements 

Assistant Minister, Kenan Spahić
Telephone: +387 33 722 700
Fax: +387 33 722 701
E-mail: kenan.spahic@fmrsp.gov.ba

Sector for Social Welfare and Welfare of the Family and Children
Assistant Minister, Miroslav Jurešić
Telephone: +387 33 255 456
Fax: +387 33 255 462 
E-mail: miroslav.juresic@fmrsp.gov.ba

Sector for Protection of Persons with Disabilities and Civilian Victims of the War
Assistant Minister, Dobrica Jonjić
Telephone: +387 33 722 700
Fax: +387 33 722 701
E-mail: dobrica.jonjic@fmrsp.gov.ba

Department for European Integration, Strategic Planning and Project Coordination
Chief of Department, Ismira Kalkan
Telephone: +387 33 255 437
Fax: +387 33 255 462
E-mail: snjezana.kapic@fmrsp.gov.ba

Department for Internal Audit
Chief of Department, Jasmin Gačević
Telephone: +387 33 255 440
Fax: +387 33 255 462
E-mail: jasmin.gacevic@fmrsp.gov.ba

Scope of Activity

Administrative, expert and other tasks as laid down by the legislation related to the competencies of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the areas of:

  • social policy
  • labor and employment
  • pension and disability insurance, as follows:

labor and employment policies; labor relations and rights arising from labor relations; industrial protection/safety; pension and disability insurance, international conventions according to the BiH Constitution; agreements and bilateral covenants in area of employment; social welfare and solidarity, welfare of the civil victims of the war; family welfare, children adoption and custody; social protection and other tasks as set out by the relevant legislation. 

Basic Documents Governing the Work:

  • Law on Federal Ministries and other bodies of the Federal Administration („Official Gazette of the Federation BiH“ No. 8/95, 3/96, 9/96 and 48/99)