FBiH Geological Institute

v.d. Direktora: Vedad Demir

Organizational Structure

  • Sector for Geologic Maps
  • Sector for Hydrogeology
  • Sector for Engineering Geology
  • Sector for Mineral Raw-Materials
  • Sector for Geological IT System
  • Sector for Common Affairs

Scope of Activity

Federal Institute for Geology carries out researching, expert-analytical and other tasks in area of fundamental and regional geologic researches of interest for the Federation referring to producing the basic geologic, hydrogeologic, engineering-geologic, seismologic-tectonic and other geologic maps and carries out preparation for printing thereof; scientific determination of regularity in concentration and disposition of natural mineral resources in the earth crust; preparation of geological basis for execution of constructing, mining and other activities, prepares the basis for development of forestry, agriculture, water-supply and development of urbanization and infrastructural facilities; prepares the federal programs for mineral resources management; establishes the contacts with international geological institutions through exchange of exact information about geological constitution and structure of earth crust; prepares and organizes joint researching projects; prepares the information for the international geological IT system; defines and proposes to the Government of the Federation the strategic mineral resources with proposal of measures for exploitation thereof; and proposes the geological researches policy in the territory of the Federation; drafts the methodological instructions, standards and norms in area of geologic researches; collects and keeps the library of expert documentation related to geologic researches in the territory of the Federation; creates and develops a unified geologic IT system and provides information and data within general geologic IT system to the users of the geologic researches results.”

Federal Institute for Geology carries out preparation of Cadastre of Mineral Resources Deposits and Geological Phenomena of the Federation, the Cadastre of Mineral, Thermal and Thermo-Mineral Waters of the Federation and Cadastre of Land Sliding Sites of the Federation.