Gender Center of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Director: Ana Vuković


Assistants to the Director
Vikica Šunjić
Sector for Gender Integration in Area of Health, Social Policy and Environment, Labor, Employment and Development Strategies

Scope of Activity

  • monitors the status of women and exercise of their rights guaranteed by the national and international legislation, coordinates its work with Gender Equality Commissions of both Houses of the Parliament of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and cooperates with Gender Equality Agency of BiH, and the appropriate institution in Republic of Srpska
  • advocates and promotes equal rights and opportunities for both men and women, and organizes professional debates and similar discussions on that topic;
  • collects the initiatives related to amendment of the legislation from gender aspect;
  • provides technical assistance in bilateral and multilateral relationships related to gender policies, and cooperates with local andinternational nongovernmental organizations, coordinates implementation of domestic and international programs, as well as the reporting activities of the competent bodies on adopted conventions and other documents and fulfils the obligations towards international institutions in this particular sphere. 
  • participates in preparation of legislation and other regulations, and prepares expertise documents on first draft and draft laws and other regulations, and by-laws prepared by the Federal governmental authorities and Federal governmental organizations in the light of their harmonization with the BiH Law on Gender Equality and international standards in area of gender equality;
  • monitors and supervises implementation of the BiH Law on Gender Equality and reports thereon at least once a year to the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees of Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • is entitled to investigate the violations of  the BiH Law on Gender Equality, at the request of Ministries, citizens, non-governmental organizations, or upon its own initiative.
  • initiates the amendment procedure related to the laws and other regulations when those  contain provisions violating the gender equality principles due to their incompliance with the BiH Law on Gender Equality.


Basic documents regulating the scope of work:

  • the BiH Law on Gender Equality (Official Herald of BiH, No.16/03)
  • Decision on Establishment of the Gender Center of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina ("Official Gazette of the Federation BiH", No. 53/00, 64/05)
  • Rulebook on Internal Organization
  • Rulebook on Labor Relations
  • Rulebook on Salaries and Allowances of Civil Servants and Employees of the Gender Center of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina