FBiH Agro-Mediterranean Institute

Director: Marko Ivanković

Biskupa Čule br. 10, 88000 Mostar
Tel: +387 36 335-050
Fax: +387 36 335-051


Tel: +387 36 335-052
Fax: +387 36 335-051

Organizational Structure

1.Department for Animal Husbandry and Technology and Breeding - Selection Tasks in Animal Husbandry:

1) Division for Animal Husbandry and Technology  
2) Division for Breeding-Selection Tasks in Animal Husbandry

2.Department for Crop Husbandry and Technology:

1) Division for Vineyard and Fruit Production
2) Division for Enology 
3) Division for Vegetable Production, Crop Husbandry and Herbage Protection

3.Department for Agro-Chemical Researches, Control of Quality of Agricultural-Food Products, Tobacco and Tobacco Products

1) Division for Agro-Chemical Researches
2) Division for Control of Quality of Agricultural-Food Products, Tobacco and Tobacco Products

4. Department for Legal, Accounting and Common Affairs

Scope of Activity:

Federal Agro-Mediterranean Institute carries out expert and other tasks from jurisdiction of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina referring to the organization of reporting-forecasting services in plant protection; growing-selection tasks in cattle breeding; certification of seed and seedlings of agricultural plants; examination of foodstuffs; control of quality and quantity of agricultural products and their derivates, mineral fertilizers and plant protection products; tasks in vineyard and vine production sectors, tobacco growing and Mediterranean fruit growing; education of farmers, care about soil as a basic natural resource in the Mediterranean climate region as well as other crop and animal production characteristic for this region.