FBiH Administration for Inspection Affairs

Director: Anis Ajdinović

Organizational Structure

In order to conduct the affairs and to carry out the tasks falling in the scope of the Federal Administration for Inspection Affairs, fifteen organizational units were established:
  • Cabinet of Director
  • Sector for Legal and General Issues
  • Sector for Appeals and Legal Protection
  • Sector for Material – Financial Issues
  • Sector for Technical Support and Planning-Analytical Issues
  • Inspectorate of Market – Tourism Inspection
  • Inspectorate of Sanitary – Health – Pharmaceutical Inspection  
  • Inspectorate of Labor Inspection  
  • Inspectorate of Urban – Environmental Inspection  
  • Inspectorate of Traffic Inspection  
  • Inspectorate of Agricultural Inspection  
  • Inspectorate of Forestry Inspection  
  • Inspectorate of Water Inspection  
  • Inspectorate of Veterinarian Inspection  
  • Inspectorate of Technical Inspection 

Public Relations
Telefon: +387 33 563-383
Fax: +387 33 563-361

Scope of Activity

Carries out the inspection tasks falling in the scope of Federal Inspections organized under it; enacts the implementing regulations, general and individual documents falling in its scope; takes administrative and other measures during inspections; decides upon appeals against first-instance decisions issued by the cantonal inspectors pursuant to the cantonal regulations; coordinates work of Federal and Cantonal Inspectorates; follows the work and conducts expert supervision and control of work by cantonal inspectors and administrations for inspection affairs within the scope provided by the Federal regulations; provides expert assistance to the cantonal administrations for inspection affairs; enacts the programs and plans for inspection supervision for Federal Inspectorate, approves annual programs and work programs related to inspection supervision by cantonal administrations; maintains the records in regard of all those subject to supervision in the Federation; maintains the records of inspections conducted by the Federal inspectors; maintains the records on Federal inspectors; maintains the records on official ID cards of Federal inspectors; enacts the programs for professional trainings for inspectors for the Federation; organizes professional inspector examination in the Federation; takes part in professional drafting of inspection regulations; ensures enforcement of regulations enacted by the organs of Bosnia and Herzegovina setting out jurisdiction for enforcement of such regulations in the Entities and is liable for enforcement thereof and notifies the organs of Bosnia and Herzegovina on measures taken; carries out other administrative and professional tasks set out by the Federal laws and other regulations .