FBiH Archives

Director: mr.sci. Hajrudin Ćuprija

Organizational Structure

For the issues and tasks falling under competence of the Archives of the Federation BiH, three organizational units were established as follows:

  • Sector for Legal and Financial Affairs and Safeguard of the Material Stored Outside the Archives
  • Sector for Storing, Safeguarding and Processing the Archives Materials in the Archives
  • Sector for INDOC Service, Scientific-Researching, Publishing and Cultural-Educational Affairs

Scope of Activity

  • recording, storing, safeguard of the registry and archive material, as well as manner for collecting, researching, technical and scientific processing  thereof,
  • preparation of methodic instructions, standards and norms for archives activity, expert supervision of work performed by creators and holders of the registry material from the archive materials,
  • publishing of archives material and other publications, issuing other professional magazines, organizing lectures, seminars on office and archives management, exhibitions and other appropriate forms of cultural-educational activity, conducting professional training for civil servants and employees in the archives services and professional training for creators and holders of the           registry and archives material for obtaining the professional titles (organizes examination for professional archivists),
  • enabling use of archives material,
  • implementing inter-archives and international cooperation,
  • issuing certificates, confirmations, authenticated transcripts, photocopies and other official documents on facts contained in the archives material kept by the Archives.