FBiH Statistics Institute

Director: Emir Kremić

Organizational Structure

  • Section of Business Statistics,
  • Section of Social Statistics,
  • Section of National Accounts and Price Statistics,
  • Section of Publishing, Legal, General and Accounting Affairs,
  • Section of Development, Analysis and Statistic Infrastructures,
  • IT Center, and
  • Services/Offices for Statistics in Cantons with head offices in Bihać, Goražde, Široki Brijeg, Livno, Mostar, Orašje, Sarajevo, Travnik, Tuzla and Zenica..

Scope of Activity

Federal Bureau of Statistics carries out expert and other tasks falling under scope of the Federation related to statistical researches in the Federation, and particularly to gathering, processing and publishing the statistical data; establishing of single methodology of statistical researches; single (unique) statistical standards; development of statistical IT system as a part of single information system; introduction and keeping of administrative statistical registries (area units for demographics, companies, self-employing small businesses, etc.), registries as proscribed by laws, exchange of statistical data with other countries and international organizations arising from obligations assumed pursuant to the international contracts and the national law governing this issue.