FBiH Hydrometeorological Institute

Director: Almir Bijedić


Tel: +387 33 276-703
Fax: +387 33 276-701


Tel: +387 33 276-717
Fax: +387 33 276-701

Organizational Structure

  • Sector of Meteorological Measuring and Forecasts  
  • Sector of Applied Meteorology
  • Sector of Hydrology
  • Sector of Environment
  • Sector of Common Affairs
  • Centre for Astronomy
  • Centre for Seismology
  • Center for Information Technologies

Scope of Activity

The Institute, according to the applicable laws, performs professional and other activities relating to permanent monitoring in the field of meteorology, hydrology, environment quality, seismology and astronomy; conducts researches of atmosphere, water resources, environment (water, soil, air), seismologic processes and astronomic events; collects, processes, analyses and publishes data from its scope for the Federation BiH; issues on daily basis weather bulletins and forecasts, and actively cooperates with the World Meteorological Organization applying its standards in data exchange and improvement of this service.