FBiH Seized Property Management Agency

Director: v.d. Emir Bašić

Tel: +387 33 407-350
Fax: +387 33 210-532

Organizational Structure

  • Sector for obtaining and controlling confiscated property
  • Sector for analyzing planing and informing
  • Sector for legal, personnel (Human resources), general and material-financial affairs

Scope of activities

Federal agency for the Menagement of Sized property is an independent Federaln administrative with legal entity trait. It is grounded on law about illegal substraction of acquired property.

Agency is accounted for the following:

  • Management of temporary and permanently confiscated property,
  • Conducting analyses in the field of substraction of property obtained by criminal offense
  • Proffesional education in the field of financial investigations and confiscation of property acquired by illegal acts,
  • Performing othe activities prescribed by Law

The Agency in conducting its responsabilities, carries out the following tasks:

  • Storing, keeping, selling, renting a seized property according to the law. If there is a justified need, the Agency may entrust this property to another legal instution with different type of contract,
  • Carries out a professional assessment of the value of the temporarly seized property under the reulations of this and othe Laws
  • Keeps a record of controlled and managed assets and legal actions considering that type of property
  • Collects data from the competent institutions, statistical reports, and the other information from the completed procedures fro seizure of acquired property in accordance with the law with aim of analizying that kind of information
  • Collecting information from the court registry, tax administration, and the other public reigstries which are related to the onwership of property
  • Analyses and estimates the risk with the aim to indetify conditions that may have favoring the seizure of acquired property from the commision of criminal offenses,
  • Publishes regular and annual reports on the situation in the area of acquired property seizure obtained by a criminal offense and submits them to the Govermant of Federation of BiH
  • Informs the Govermant and the Parliament about the results of analyses in the field of Law enforcment in the area of property seizure,
  • Initates and gives recommodations for the improvementt of legal regulations in the area of conducting financial investigations,
  • Compose a strategy for the seizure of acquired property obtained by a criminal offense and an Action plan for its execution, and directs them to the Goverment and then Parliament for adoption
  • Coordinates and monitors the implementation of the strategy for seizing property benefits obrained by criminal offense in Federation of BiH, and gives the opinions and recommodations for their more efficient implementation.
  • Participates in the training (educations) of state and the police officers and Judical function in relation to the financial investigation and confiscation of acquired property by a criminal offense

Main documents which regulate functionality of state institution

    • Law on confiscation of illegaly acquired property by criminal act ("Official Newspaper of Federation of BiH", 71/14)
    • By Laws:
    • Rule book of sale, rent, storage and disposal of confiscated property
    • Instructions on how to conduct a public bidding procedure of the permanently seized property
    • Instructions on the establishments of the type and content of records and menage and disposal of illegal acquired property by a criminal offense
    • Decision on the determining the criteria for calculating the costs of keeping and maintaining temporarly seized property